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Residential Heat Pumps For Mpumalanga

Power & Energy Solutions is a premier provider of ITS residential heat pumps and residential heat pump systems for Mpumalanga. Our professional team of experts handle every aspect of your heat pump needs including supply, installation and service of the units. Below we have highlighted everything you need to know about ITS heat pumps:


Key features of ITS Heat Pumps:
Uses up to 75% less household energy in heating your water. Due to the amazing efficiency, the heat pump will save you thousands of rands per year.

5 year warranty
ITS Heat pumps have a limited extended 5 year warranty. The system life expectancy is more than 10 years.

Fully automated anti freeze function
ITS systems have been tested in below zero conditions and are some of the most efficient systems on the market.

Beautiful high quality finish
ITS uses only high quality finishing materials on our products to ensure the product will even after years of exposure to the outside elements still remain as good looking as the day you bought it and comes in a plastic casing for costal areas to minimise corrosion.

Superior corrosion resistance
We use high purity metals and quality finishes in the manufacturing of our heat pumps to ensure superior corrosion resistance .

Quiet Operation and most important Environmentally friendly!!

How does a Heat Pump work?
Where a geyser uses three units of electrical energy to produce three units of heat energy, a heat pump converts just one unit of electrical energy into three units of heat energy—hence a saving of up to 75%.










Heat pumps use the reverse cycle of a refrigeration plant to heat water. In effect, it transfers heat from a source such as air or water to the water which is to be heated. As in other refrigeration equipment, the heat pump system employs an evaporator, a compressor, a condenser, refrigerant gas, and an expansion valve within a closed circuit. Latent heat is given off when the refrigerant gas is liquefied through the condenser and transferred to the surrounding water together with further “sensible” heat loss, effectively raising the temperature of water to a higher temperature.


How Much Money Will I Save With A Heat Pump?

That's a very valid question and one you shouldn't be afriad to ask. Try our "Heat Pump Savings Calculator" for an estimate as to how much you can save over the next three years.


Sizes and Applications of Domestic Heat Pumps

Heat Output
Suitable for
Up to 3 people
Up to 6 people
Up to 12 People



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