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Installing Solar Geysers in Game Reserves: A Wild Operation

02/26/2014 P&E News,Solar,Uncategorized Comments Off on Installing Solar Geysers in Game Reserves: A Wild Operation

Solar Geyser Installation In The Timbavati Game Reserve

teamPower & Energy Solutions recently installed a complete set of solar geyser systems in the Timbavati Game Reserve near the world famous Kruger National Park. Our mission was to “bring the sun” to a safari camp who wanted to save money on mounting electricity costs, while at the same time reduce their carbon footprint.

The staff quarters at the lodge needed to provide enough hot water for 30+ employees who, after a long day in the bush, would NOT be content with a lukewarm shower!

Our team recommended a solar solution through the installation of eight 200 litre solar geyser systems, which offer a 5 year guarantee and a very low price tag.

Although working in remote areas like a game reserve can present a host of challenges, the installation went smoothly and our team even had a few close encounters with some "residents", which you'll see in the gallery below along with various images of the solar geyser setup.

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Photo Gallery of Solar Geyser Installation – Timbavati Game Reserve

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