Solar Geyser Options

solargeyser1Solar Geyser Options

SOLO Integrated Solar Geyser Systems, Complete Indirect Flat Plate Solar Geyser Systems, Evacuated Tube Retrofit Solar Geysers, Direct Flat Plate Retrofit Solar Geysers, Low Pressure Gravity Feed Solar Geysers

Power & Energy Solutions is proud to offer a wide range of solar geyser options for all your solar hot water needs. A solar geyser harnesses the power of the sun to heat up your water instead of using electricity. Highly efficient collectors absorb the sun's energy and use it to heat it up the water in your tank, saving you money on your electricty costs and at the same time improving the environment you live in.

The solar geyser systems below can be applied to almost any application from residential use up through large commercial and industrial projects. Please choose one of the solar geyser options below to view the specifications in more detail.