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Solar Power & Heat Pumps Offer New Commercial Hot Water Storage Solutions

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Commercial Water Heater Storage Solutions Are Available Now With Solar Panels and Heat Pumps

Rising electricity costs and environmental awareness are having a major impact on the volume of our enquiries received from our commercial customers – hotels, developers, schools, hospitals etc.

What is the renewable answer to applications that require more than 300L of hot water to be available on demand?

The answer is simple and surprisingly affordable, and comes by way of our recently launched Aqua Load water storage tanks.


These multi-functional tanks can be heated using heat pumps, solar panels, conventional electrical elements or a combination thereof – making them ideal for use in a wide range of applications. The tanks are available in different sizes, and are ideal for installing in parallel to create the required storage volume.

Quality is key, and these European boilers certainly deliver. All sizes feature class leading thermal insulation ensuring optimal energy savings, and make use of environmentally friendly insulation materials in order to maintain optimal temperatures & efficiencies. The large-surface limescale-resistant heat exchangers and anti-corrosion enamelling ensure a very long service life.

At a recent project at a school hostel (see photos below), we took advantage of the versatility of the AquaLoads by installing a bank of direct solar water collectors and commercial sized heat pumps to 1000L tanks. Each tank was installed with a 6kW backup element to ensure that the residents were never without hot water whilst maximising Rand savings by making use of the sun and ambient air temperature.

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