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Turn Your Existing Geyser Into A Solar Geyser

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Retrofit Solar Geyser Systems For Mpumalanga

Can I turn my existing geyser into a solar geyser?

The demand for solar geysers in Mpumalanga is growing every day. One of the questions we hear almost daily is, "Can I turn my normal geyser into a solar geyser"? Now thanks to the NuPower retrofit solar geyser kit, Power & Energy is pleased to announce to Mpumalanga that the answer is yes.

DDFT Direct Flat Plate Retrofit Solar Geyser System

Convert any existing conventional geyser into a solar geyser.

  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • SABS approved
  • Maintenance free
  • Estimated life span of panel up to 25 years
  • Solar keymark certification
  • 2mm tempered glass
  • System is pumped thus freeze resistant
  • Qualifies for Eskom Rebate of R4795 if coupled with a Kwikot geyser

Solar Geyser Savings Calculator

One of the main questions everyone wants to know when purchasing a solar geyser is, "How much money will I save with a solar geyser"? It's a valid question. So, to give our customers an idea we have created a Solar Savings Calculator. Just enter in how much your monthly electricty bill is and let our Solar Geyser Savings Calculator do the rest.